A Cordial Welcome..

...to the Frankish-bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Roter Ochs!

Since 1689 our family Scheller is here in Forchheim. In 1881 my grand grandfather opened the first restaurant "with beer, cold and warm dishes, and stables for horses".

The long tradition of hospitality in our family guarantees you a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience amidst impressive franconian scenery.

Is the Roter Ochs a Gourmet Restaurant?

Do bavarian and frankish people go to a gourmet restaurant? Of course! Frankish meals can be interesting also for gourmets. Maybe you want to read something about our philosophy or go directly to our menu list (in german only).

Franconian Kitchen

Often the frankish kitchen is very solid; the quantum of the meals ist very ample; maybe you'll need a schnaps after eating.


But there is on the other side the young frankish kitchen which we prefer. Fresh ingredients, namely from the region (look at our hourseradish specialities "Meerrettich"), our finest hors'dœuvres, the good Frankenwein from Iphofen and Würzburg, and last but not least the frankish beer.

Contact Address

Gasthaus Roter Ochs
Kirchplatz 3
D-91301 Forchheim
Telefon: +49 9191 4511


Daily open from Wednesday to Sunday in the evening starting from 17:30 (5:30 PM)
Sunday also of 11:30 o'clock to 14:00 o'clock
Monday and Tuesday are closed, except if these days are holidays. For family celebrations from 10 due 100 persons we are available also on closed days.